Renovating with Historic Style using Reclaimed Wood!

When Sunbright Inn, a boutique hotel was at its conception in the fall of 2021, the aim and goal of the team was to have a beautiful restoration of this Queen Anne Style Home in about 6 months.  Unfortunately, that was simply not possible because of the dilapidated condition of most of this structure.  Therefore, it became a reality that most of the original wood inside and outside of the home would have to be removed in order to meet new codes.

What do we do now?

It then became the mission to keep and reuse as much reclaimed wood as possible.  Great care was taken in removing and preserving all materials that could possibly be used for other projects. There were doors, windows, siding, and many types of wood.  There is a special history wall in the house which displays many of the materials gathered during renovation, but using wood for function was so important.   

The Vision Now

The vision became clear when we met Zach of Spear Wood Works at the local Farmers Market in Hammock Bay of Freeport.  His family has consisted woodworkers and resin artists for three generations.  While observing the amazing resin cutting boards, coasters, and many other items, an idea started to form.  It was very apparent that the Spear Wood Works team would definitely be able to help with preserving the history of this home by reworking wood for new purposes.  

The Final Result

Our beautiful rooms signs and the amazing Adirondack outdoor furniture were made from old growth pine!  It is rare, heavy, and very possibly over 200 years old!! The seat, back, and arm rest materials were made from 3 large beams that were sawn into lumber in order for all the chairs to have a look that tied together. The chairs also have a unique upright design which is not typical for Adirondack chairs.  We are so proud of these beautiful creations and are thankful for the hard work and design of the Spear Wood Works team.

We hope you will come and join us soon.  Just remember to seek out your special room sign and know the amazing history and work behind the design!