Photo during the Sherman’s ownership.

This beautiful historic Queen Anne Style home was commissioned to be by built by James T. And Abby Sherman of Brodhead Wisconsin in 1886.  When you stay with us, you will find a picture of these original owners in the lobby. This has been the tradition in this home for many years.   It’s been said that James named this home “Sunbright” because of the amazing light coming through all the double-hung sash windows throughout the home.  There are 52 in all!

Through the years

Photo during the Catt’s ownership.

So the name “Sunbright” was carried down from owner to owner through the years.  In 1922, the house was purchased by the wife of Sydney J Catts, Mrs. Alice Catts.  In 1924 it was listed with Hotel Monthly as “the Sunbright” hotel.  The property was still owned by the Governor, so it is thought to have been used as a revenue stream.  His family did eventually take residence.

However, over the years of the famous resident, Florida’s Governor, the name slightly changed here and there with the locals.  As time went by, it was commonly known as “the Catts house”.  Even to this day, that is still a way for the locals to identify the home.

Photo when it was a Bed and Breakfast

In 1990, the home was purchased by John and Byrdie Mitchell.  They decided to manage it as a bed and breakfast known as “The Sunbright Manor Bed and Breakfast”.  We have met several people through our tours and research that have stayed in the home. Some even been married here during those years.  

During the renovation process we took the job of naming this place in its new function very seriously.  Our team weighed all the choices including Chautauqua Inn, Live Oak Manor, and many others names. However, this home is all about tradition and we just kept coming back to the original name.  

Directions to DeFuniak Springs FL
Now as Sunbright Inn 2024

The New Name

It is now lovingly named “Sunbright Inn”.  We hope to carry on this name for many years to come. We look forward to making new memories but relishing in old stories about this beauty “Sunbright”.