Have you ever had a smell or scent suddenly take you as far back as childhood!  We definitely have amazing scent memories and often equate those with joy and happiness.

When Sunbright Inn opened this past fall, the first few weeks were full of sharing this new boutique hotel with fully guided tours. We tried to showcase all the history of the house along with showcasing each beautiful room as well.  Every minute of sharing this “labor of love” with the community and their families has been so enjoyable.  We currently offer tours by appointment and guests are treated to the full house showing whenever possible.  

One of the most talked about surprise and sweet moment in the tour is the scent in each room!  It was so much fun to watch as each person walked into a guest room and exclaimed, “the scent matches the room…..how did you do that?”.  

Why add scents in each room?

All those preparing this hotel for tours realized how much a scent can change how one feels in their environment. We wanted to incorporate that feeling into every space.  We hope we’ve accomplished that with each and every room.  For example, one of our most popular rooms is named after the pine tree the “Loblolly” as well as the logging and turpentine industries.  So the scent for this particular space is “Bergamot Birch” bringing your senses right into the forrest.  One sniff and you feel the trees and outdoors connecting with the featured dark green paint and luxurious textured wallpaper! 

For the tour weeks, we chose specific candles to support a room and its features.  We have now switched to the more permanent “Wall Flower” plugins from Bath and Body Works.

In Conclusion

We are including a complete list of our current scents many of which have already been requested by multiple guests.  Some scents change seasonally or when new ones arrive that fit the room just a little bit better.

We hope you’ll join us soon to pick your favorite scented room!

Govenor’s Suite – Mahogany Vanilla

Magnolia – Lilacs

Loblolly – Bergamot Birch

Queen Anne – White Sage Tea

Walton – Mahogany Teakwood

L&N Suite – Almond Croissant

Library – Wild Rose & Suede

Chautauqua – Spring Clothesline

Lobby – Warm Vanilla Sugar